Customized 1x100G 100KM Transmission Solution
6797 2020-03-16
Client C: Dear HTF, Need a solution for QSFP28 100G. Can it reach 100Km distance? (Total dB loss around 30dB) Thank you.
HTF: Can you share us more details?

Client C: How about to reach 100km. Does it need amplifier or any supported devices?
 HTF: Yes,  We need amplifier to meet your requirement. 
We have another two solution for you to check first.
(1). Can HT6000 Product Transmit 2x100G+5x10G Ethernet Channels Over 110km?
(2). Do You Have Cost Effective Solution For 100G 10KM?

Client C:  Ok. Understand the solutions example.
- We do not required the 10G channel

HTF: OK. Don‘t need 10G channel. We will customzied a solution for you base on your requirements.

Client C:   Hi Ivy,
Thanks for sharing the solutions.
Our customer requirement is slightly different.
Please find below:
- Point to point applications with 100Km distance (or 30dB loss max)
- Line 1x100G mandatory
Hope to hear a solution from HTF, and please contact me if you need more details.

HTF:  Thanks for the detail information. Had forward your requirement to our engineers to check. Will update to you Tomorrow.
HTF:  Now the customized 1x100G 100KM solution is ready, You can check first.

Reference solution diagram from HTF

HTF 1x100G 100KM Solution
Item Product Model Specification A (pcs) B(pcs) A+B(pcs)
1 Chassis HT6000-CH08 CH08 Chassis, 2U, 19inch, 7 business slots + 1 network management slot, AC220V, DC-48V optional 1 1 2
2 Wavelength conversion TMUX-4x25G Support 1xQSFP28 to 4 25G DWDM wavelengths 1 1 2
3 EDFA BA20G17 Booster Amplifier, maximum output 20dBm, gain 17dB 2 2 4
4 PA20/G20 Pre Amplifier Max output 20dBm, gain 20dB 1 1 2
5 MUX+DEMUX ODM04 Support 4 wave multiplexing and demultiplexing 1 1 2
6 DCM DCM100 Dispersion compensator 100km, 1U, 19inch. 1 1 2
7 Optical Module DWDM-SFP28-LR SFP 25G DWDM wavelength,  10km 4 4 8
8 100G-QSFP28-LR4 QSFP28 100G, SMF, 1310nm  10km 1 1 2
9 NMS NMS Network management card, 2xSFP +4xLAN+CLI 1 1 2

Client C: After one year using and testing this sample solution. We decide to order 10 sets. This solution works perfect and expand our network easily. 
Thanks for providing us this solution, it help us a lot and nice to work with HTF team.