New Developments in 5G and Data Centers
820 2023-04-19
       China telecom obtained a bandwidth of 100MHz in the frequency range of 3,400mhz ~3500MHz. China Unicom got the bandwidth of 100MHz in the frequency range of 3500MHz~3600MHz. China Mobile had obtained 2515MHz~2675MHz, 4800MHz~4900MHz frequency band 260MHz bandwidth, of which 2515~2575MHz, 2635~2675MHz and 4800~4900MHz were newly added frequency band, and 2575~2635MHz frequency band was the existing 4G frequency band. The release of the spectrum marks China‘s official entry into the 5G era.
      At present, there is still a big gap between China‘s large data centers and the United States. According to the research data statistics, among the large data centers in the world, the United States accounts for 44%, China for 8%, and Japan and the United Kingdom for 6%. In the future, large and even super-large data centers will become the mainstream of IDC market, and China still has a large space for development in this field. The construction of large and ultra-large data centers is increasing gradually, and the demand for bandwidth in the data center market is also increasing, which drives the demand for optical communication products with a higher rate of 100G or even 400G/600G