Development Course Of Communication Industry
103 2023-02-03
     After more than 30 years of development, China has become a real communications industry. According to statistics, China‘s fiber optic cable output has accounted for 60 percent of the world‘s total output, and equipment and systems accounted for more than half.
     Until the 90s, China communication service industry fundamentals continue to use planned economy pattern, mainly by the system, the provincial administration of post and telecommunications, design institute, engineering company to provide the corresponding design and construction services, the telecommunication bureau set up operation maintenance department is responsible for network maintenance services, telecommunications equipment manufacturers responsible for equipment material supply, network optimization and service, project implementation according to the administrative instruction directly.
   I n 1993, the global Internet industry ushered in a major outbreak, with the demand for communication equipment growing at a high speed, and the industry concentration declined comprehensively. The market presented a prosperous situation. In 2001, the global Internet bubble began to burst, which directly led to the oversupply of global communication equipment demand. The low-price competition mode of Chinese manufacturers in emerging markets gradually permeated into developed markets, and the market pattern was accelerated to shuffle. After the outbreak of the us subprime debt crisis in 2009, the rapid rise of smart phones and cloud computing, further enhanced industry concentration, the mighty rise of communication giants, and the communication industry entered the era of winner-takes-all and strong-strong.
     Now, after nearly two decades of hiatus, the communications industry is finally embracing a new opportunity. With the rapid rise of streaming media and surging demand for bandwidth, 5G construction is in full swing.