Global Expenditure On 5G Optical Network Technology Will Reach Us $10 Billion In 2026
656 2023-01-04
           will more than double the amount of money they spend on optical networking technology (including systems and fiber optic cables) related to 5G mobile Xhaul between till 2026. By the end of the forecast, spending on optical network technology to support 5G deployment will reach $10 billion, with fronthaul demand accounting for 53.according to market research and Analysis Company.
         Operators will spend more on fiber than on systems each year and fiber-related capital expenditure will grow at an average annual rate of 9.6 per cent during the forecast period. But spending on optical networks will grow more strongly. The system related capital expenditure will mainly be used for WDM, PON and carrier-level Etherneequipment. Among them, the WDM system will dominate the expenditure, whose annual average growth rate in the forecast period will reach 16.7%, and its scale will exceed $3 billion by 2026.
         In terms of regional market, Asia will undoubtedly be the region with the most active expenditure on 5G optical technology. China will be the biggest national market, while spending on 5G optics in Japan and South Korea will also be significant
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