What are a data center 25G/100G/400G light modules?
78 2022-11-23
Optical Module is an Optical Module that converts electrical signals into Optical signals at the sending end and then transmits them through Optical fibers. At the receiving end, Optical signals are converted into electrical signals. In terms of volume, it‘s small, and for the first time it looks like a USB. Though small in size, it plays a crucial role in 5G construction
The traditional data center is mainly based on the 10G network architecture, but with the growth of data traffic, the data center is faced with greater pressure, so it is imperative to upgrade related equipment. In the 5G era, the number of base stations will be a big eruption. At the same time, since the data volume in the 5G era will grow rapidly and violently, there will be a great increase in the performance and quantity of light modules.
Currently, data center operators such as amazon, Microsoft, Google and Facebook are rapidly building their own data centers to boost transmission rates by using 100G/400G optical modules. Construction cost, using space, running power consumption are the problems that operators have to face. In addition to the requirements on the optical module, the cloud data center also needs to improve the data throughput on the optical fiber installation, so as to play the functions of the data center to a greater extent.