DWDM Interconnect Solution for Data Center Cloud
1041 2021-08-24
Internet giants, ICPs, and enterprises use DCI (Data Center Interconnect) solutions to provide high-quality and near-infinite bandwidth connections to their data centers, while controlling costs through self-built infrastructure. However, with the massive increase in the scale of data center construction, the demand for data center interconnection has doubled. How to make full use of the limited optical fiber resources and obtain reliable large-capacity transmission is one of the challenges of data center interconnection.

When building a DCI solution, what aspects need to be considered?
Not only need to consider the demand for connection bandwidth,
It is also necessary to consider the requirements of simplification of operation and maintenance and intelligence.

The DCI optical transmission equipment (HT6000) specially created by HTF for data center interconnection has the outstanding characteristics of large capacity, small size, low energy consumption, and simple operation and maintenance. The simplified management mode brings the ultimate user experience to the DCI bearer network.

DWDM Interconnect Solution for Data Center Cloud

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