Can you design 1 x 200G DWDM transport solution?
879 2021-12-04
Customer: Do you have solution can upgrade to 800G? 
HTF: Yes, Can you share us your using environment and requirement? 

Customer: 110km, now just need 1x200G, in the future need upgrade to 800G. 
HTF: ok, so first need open 200G business. The fiber loss for 110km is ? 

Customer: around 30dBM loss. 
HTF: Thanks for the information, HTF engineer will design the solution for you, base on your requirement. 

We will use 2xQSFP28 to CFP2 200G Muxponder card to achieve your requirement. 
200G dwdm card

Customer: Any special function for this card? 

HTF: This card is for Media conversion , Signal repeating ,Lambda conversion. 
Support single channel 200Gbps
Client side :2x QSFP28 module
Line side : CFP2 200Gbps coherent module;
Ultra-long-distance transmission: FEC technology can be used to achieve 1500km transmission without regeneration
Large dispersion tolerance: 40000ps.nm
Support port  loopback test
Support 80 channel wavelength tunable

The following is the 200G DWDM solution for you to check. 

Customer: so this solution max support 40 X 200G =800G? 
HTF: Yes, You are right. 

If you want to get one free dwdm solution design support, send us your requirement to HTF team, HTF team will support you asap.    008618123672396