2x100G DWDM Dual Fiber Solution for 110km
769 2021-11-20
Customer: Do you have 200G solution point to point solution? 
HTF: How many G for each channel you need?
Customer: 100G. 
HTF: Could you please send us your using environment? The distance is?  the fiber loss is?
Customer: 110km, 30dB loss. 
HTF: Thanks for the update, will forward it for our engineer to check.
HTF: The following is HTF 2x100G DWDM solution for you to check. Any questions? We can discuss. 

Customer: In the future if we need more, MAX expansion is?
HTF: For this solution, max is 100GbE x 40 = 4000GbE
Customer: Can you send me which board are you using for this solution? 
HTF: Yes, the following is the picture for you to check. 100G QSFP28 to CFP Transponder.
Support single channel 100Gbps
Client side : QSFP28 module
Line side : CFP 100Gbps coherent module;
Customer: Why this solution don’t need add DCM? 
HTF: As this Coherent DWDM CFP optical module. 
Large dispersion tolerance: 40000ps.nm
Ultra-long-distance transmission: FEC technology can be used to achieve 1500km transmission without regeneration
What’s more, it Support port loopback test
Support 80 channel wavelength tunable
If you have more questions, welcome to contact HTF team. support@htfuture.com  008618123672396