Do you have single fiber DWDM solution for 80km?
1385 2021-11-19
Customer: Do you have single fiber DWDM solution for 80km?
HTF: Yes, can you tell us your fiber loss for the 80km. 

Customer: 20dB loss for 80km, 10x10G
HTF:  Engineer will design suitable solution for you to check. For single fiber, we will need add BIDI type edfa. Kindly check the following DWDM solution for 80km. If any questions, we can continue to talk. 

HTF solution diagram

Customer: Can you explain us how you calculate and design the solution. 
HTF:  Yes,  the following picture for you reference. 

Customer: Why you use 80km optical module? 
HTF: If use 80km optical module and transmit 80km, so we don’t need extra DCM. 

Customer: for this solution, how many 10G it can transmit? 
HTF: Max expansion 10G X 16channel = 160G
If you have any other questions or different requirement, Welcome to contact HTF team.