100G Optical Transport Solutions
3001 2020-07-10

100G Optical Transport Solutions use 100G OTU card:1*CFP+1*QSFP28, achieve customer‘s requirement.

Occupy 2 slots, Its main function is to complete the operations inside the board for the optical signal of 1-channel 100Gbit/s rate services, such as OTN framing and SDFEC coding, and then output 1-channel OTU4 optical signal. The WDM-side can be matched with a 100G coherent transmission CFP optical transceiver or a 4x25G incoherent transmission CFP optical transceiver, so as to realize the common use of service boards for 100G coherent and incoherent transmission system.

Support 1-channel 100G transparent transmission and can convert 1-channel 100G service signal into a OTU4 optical signal of a standard DWDM wavelength or 4x25G optical signals of a standard DWDM wavelength

(1) Support 1 channel of 100G rate service, 3R transparent transmission.
(2) Support DWDM 96 wavelength with C-band 50GHz spacing.
(3) Support 3R: Re-shape, Re-large, Re-time
(4) Support the service type: 100G ethernet, 100G OTN
(5)  Support WDM side a 100G port based on CFP(support coherent IPL CFP or 4x25G DWDM CFP), with LC type interface, and support client side one pluggable optical port QSFP28, with LC or MPO type interface
(6)  Support real time monitoring with network management system

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