OLP 1+1 Optical Line Protection Solution
1802 2020-03-17

Do you have Optical line protection solution? For 20km, The loss 15dB max.

Yes, The following is reference solution diagram from HTF for you reference.

 HTF OLP1+1 Solution
Item Model Specification Site A Quantity (pcs) Site B Quantity (pcs) Sub total A+B Quantity (pcs)
1U Chassis HT6000-CH04 1U, 19-inch, 3 universal service slots, 1 network management slot, dual power AC 1 1 2
40CH MUX/DEMUX HT6000-AAWG40 Supports 40 wave demultiplexing and multiplexing, ( This is 1U rack mounted type, not card type.) 1 1 2
Pre-amplifier PA16/G25 Maximum output 16dBm, gain 25dB 1 1 2
OLP OLP1+1 1 + 1 protection 1 1 2
Optical transceiver DWDM-SFP-10G-40 10G SFP+  DWDM 40KM 40 40 80
Network management unit EMS Network management card 1 1 2


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