Do You Have Cost Effective Solution For 100G 10KM?
7644 2019-10-15

Client A: About HT6000 product transmit 2x100G+5x10G Ethernet channels over 110km. We’ve been reviewing this and the costs are quite high for the 100G equipment. 

Do you have another solution? For 10KM, dual fiber, 2x100G+5x10G. 40channel.


HTF: Yes, 1 channel 100G QSFP28 is converted to 4x25G DWDM transmission,

and 4x25G is aggregated to 1x100G at the opposite end.

The interface that connects to your switch is also a 100G interface, OSFP28.


Client A: Great, Email me your New solution to us. We are interested in.

HTF: OK. I had forwarded to our engineer with your requirement. When ready will send to you ASAP.

Client A: Thanks.


HTF: Your solution is ready, The following is the diagram and configuration for you to check.

2 x ( 4x25G )+5 x 10G  10km System configuration
Item Model Specification Site A Quantity (pcs) Site B Quantity (pcs) Sub total A+B Quantity (pcs)
Chassis CH16 15 service slot +1 network management slot, AC 220V, DC-48V optional 1 1 2
Wavelength conversion card HT6000-OTUQS2S Support 4 channels of bidirectional 10G wavelength conversion 2 2 4
TMUX-4x25G Support 1xQSFP28 to 4 channels 25G DWDM wavelength 2 2 4
Pre-amplifier PA16/G20-1510 Maximum output 16dBm, gain 20dB, With 1510 OSC 1 1 2
40CH MUX/DEMUX HT6000-AAWG40 Implement 40-wave DWDM wavelength multiplexing 1 1 2
Optical module DWDM-SFP-10G-40 SFP 10G DWDM wavelength, 40km 5 5 10
SFP-10G-LR 10G SFP+ 1310nm 10km 5 5 10
DWDM-SFP28-LR SFP 25G DWDM wavelength, 10km 8 8 16
DWDM-QSFP28-LR QSFP28 100G 1310nm, 10km 2 2 4
Network management unit NMS Network management 2xSFP +4xLAN+CLI 1 1 2



Client A: Perfect, Thanks for the fast response. We like it and will check it first.

HTF: OK. Any question, can feel free contact HTF team.

Client C: We found this solution and discussed with HTF engineer in details around 8 months,  our boss like this solution and bought one set in February, It worked perfect. Now we need upgrade network in another area, Will arrange the payment for new order soon.

HTF: Thanks for your trust and great support. Together We Quest for the Best.


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