Can HT6000 DWDM Equipment Transmit 2x100G+5x10G Ethernet Channels Over 110km?
982 2019-10-18
Client A: Can HT6000 DWDM Equipment transmit 2x 100G Ethernet channels over 80km? Is it possible to provide an example configuration for us to check.

HTF: Yes, HT6000 can support you base on your requirement.
If you want to know clear about transmit 4x 100G Ethernet channels over 80km by DWDM Equipment,

Could you please send us more necessary information? Then we can design customized solution for you. 

(1) Cable length, then can choose the DCM.
(2) optical fiber cable attenuation, configurate the EDFA.
(3) Data rate, configurate and choose the optical transceiver
(4) Channels. then can choose Mux/Demux
(5) Optical fiber cable is single fiber or dual fiber. 
(6) Station number,  How the business add and drop. 
Peer to peer, chain network or Ring network?
(7) In the middle if have optical amplifier station.
( 7 necessary information help you save time to discuss with factory, To customize the DWDM transmission equipment meet your project requirement. ) 

Client A:  I’ve answered your questions as follows:
(1) It is 109.8kM.
(2) optical fiber cable attenuation is 23.9dB
(3) Data rate, 2x 100G, 5x 10G. All Ethernet.
(4) 40 channels or more.
(5) Dual fibre
(6) This is a simple two site set up with one link between them.
(7) We don’t have a station in the middle.
HTF: Thanks for your quick reply and important useful feedback.  
Our engineer will check your requirement and provide solution to you.  
Client A: Thanks, look forward to hearing from your engineer.
HTF: The following is our solution for you.

HTF transmit 2x 100G, 5x 10G Dual Fiber, 110KM, A-B OTN Solution
Item Model Specification Site A Quantity (pcs) Site B Quantity (pcs) Sub total A+B Quantity (pcs)
5U Chassis HT6000-CH16 5U, 19 inches 15 service slot +1 network management slot, dual DC-48V power supply 1 1 2
Wavelength conversion card HT6000-OTUDQ2CFP Realize 1 channel QSFP28 100G service forwarding, adopt CFP coherent module on the line side 1 1 2
HT6000-OTUFS2S Implement 5x10G service forwarding 1 1 2
Booster Amplifier BA20/G12-1510 Maximum output 20dBm, gain 12dB, With 1510 OSC 1 1 2
Pre-amplifier PA16/G20-1510 Maximum output 16dBm, gain 20dB, With 1510 OSC 1 1 2
Optical transceiver QSFP28-100G-LR4 QSFP28 100G 10KM 2 2 4
AC100-M01 100G CFP 1500KM DWDM Coherent optical module 2 2 4
SFP-10G-LR 10G SFP+ 1310nm 10km 5 5 10
DWDM-SFP-10G-40 10G SFP+  DWDM 40KM 5 5 10
Network management unit EMS Network management card with one piece of 1510nm optical module 1 1 2

Client A: Thanks for your quick reply. We will check first and feedback to you.


HTF: OK. In the future Maybe you will need adjust the configuration? If yes,

Our engineer will upgrade the solution for you with your new requirement.

Any question, feel free contact us. We are ready and happy to assist you.


Client A: OK. Thanks.


To be continued......


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