10G DWDM Network Solution for ISPs to Access Multi-type Business
6352 2021-07-14

With the increased service needs, like HD video and live streaming, fiber exhaust, and layered bandwidth management, many original networks couldn‘t meet the demand in the access network and network capacity for ISPs. HTF’s client, one famous ISP (Internet Service Provider) wanted to upgrade its WDM network and the access services capability simultaneously in order to offer a better experience for their customers.

The main problem of the client was that they needed to improve the ability to accommodate more access services and expand the bandwidth of the existing network infrastructure. Cost, Equipment compatibility and network management simplified were also needed to take into consideration. 

HTF 10G DWDM Network Solution
In this multi-sites DWDM network upgrade solution, HTF H6000 series multi-service WDM platform was deployed in the data center of two sites, which used 40CH DWDM Mux Demux to expand existing network capacity and could realize up to 400G data transmission.

The distance between the two sites was 80km, the optical signal dispersion of them must be considered. In this solution, the pre-amplifier and dispersion modules were used to balance the optical link power and ensure a stable transmission performance.

10G transmission solution
With the requirement of cost effective, customer require to use 40km optical module to use in the current upgrade requirement. 

DWDM Dual fiber solution from HTF 80km 20db Loss, 
use 40km optical module 
Line Product Model Specification A (pcs) B(pcs) Sub Total (pcs)
1 Chassis HT6000-CH08 2U,19ich, 7 business slots + 1 network management slot, Dual power AC or DC-48V optional 1 1 2
2 Mux/ Demux AAWG40 40CH passive MUX DEMUX card 2 2 4
3 EDFA PA16/G25-1510 Power amplifier card, Maximum output 16dBm, gain 25dB,with 1510nm OSC   1 1
4 PA16/G25-1510 Pre-amplifier card, Maximum output 16dBm, gain 25dB,with 1510nm OSC 1   1
5 Optical Module DWDM-SFP-10G-40 SFP+ 10G DWDM 40km ( C21~C60 )  40 40 80
6 DCM DCM60 Dispersion compensator, compensates 60km 1 1 2
7 NMS NMS Network management card, 2xSFP +4xLAN+CLI 1 1 2

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