1150pcs Optical Fiber Patch Cord For UK Clients Had Passed The Testing
4955 2019-12-06

The following is the insertion loss and return loss data for you to check.

9/125 LC/UPC-LC/UPC 2.0mm Duplex 1.5M
Insertion Loss
Port A: 0.18 dB   Port B: 0.20dB
Port A1: 0.13 dB  Port B1: 0.09 dB

Return Loss
Port A: 54.40 dB   Port B: 50.63 dB
Port A1: 50.68 dB  Port B1: 54.09 dB

LC/UPC-LC/UPC  Φ2.0-SM-DX-1.5M  1000pcs
LC/UPC-LC/UPC  Φ2.0-OM3-SM-DX-1.5M  50pcs
FC/UPC-LC/UPC  Φ2.0-SM-DX-1.5M  50pcs
SC/UPC-LC/UPC  Φ2.0-SM-DX-1.5M  50pcs
All had pass the testing, waiting the FEDEX to pick from our factory.
Thanks for UK client trust and support.

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