Why we need 8 Fibers MPO Connector?
2844 2021-10-23
The MPO-8 Connector is not strictly a standards recognized infrastructure interface. It is an application that happens to use 8 of the 12 fiber positions of the industry standard MPO-12. The QSFP application uses the outer 4 fiber locations (1-4 and 9-12) of the MPO-12 connector with 4 fibers used to transmit and 4 fibers used to receive. A QSFP transceiver does not use the center 4 fiber positions in the MPO-12 connector. While a standard MPO-12 cable will fully support this application, leaving fibers unused is not desirable. If more 12-fiber MPO cables are used, more optical fibers will be wasted. For this reason, manufacturers provide new versions of MPO fiber cable which contains only 8 optical fibers but still used the standard MPO interfaces.

So 8 fiber MPO will be the preferred backbone MPO choice for anyone that wants to build a future-proofed infrastructure with minimal upgrade costs later.

Efficient for point to point QSFP trunking applications
Convenient for QSFP breakouts in some specific applications
High precision guide pins for exact alignment
Least efficient for duplex applications
Offers the lowest panel density of all MPO systems

Primary use is for parallel applications to the transceiver Outside-In fiber mapping delivers parallel lanes

Base-8 MPO for Higher Density and Lower Utilization

Network built with 8-fiber MPO system can transmit the same data with less cost and higher density compared with 12-fiber MPO system. All fiber will be 100% utilized in base-8 MPO products. It could be a cost-effect solution for both 40G to 40G transmission and 40G to 10G transmission. 8-fiber MPO trunk cables and 8-fiber MPO-LC harness cable are already provided in the market.