Non-coherent era vs Coherent era DWDM solution
933 2023-06-16
Non-coherent era  vs  Coherent era DWDM solution,  which one is better?  
10G+ Non-coherent,  DCM required,  Single-fiber 1T
100G Coherent,  DCM-free,  Single-fiber, 10T+
200G/400G Coherent,  DCM-free, Single-fiber,  20T+

Continuously improved transmission rate and performance, continuously reduced per-bit cost. 
So that‘s why HTF single  Lambda 400G, 200G and 100G order quantity increase more and more. 

HTF support DWDM Solution design, Single Lambda support 400G/200G/100G dwdm upgrade. 100G QSFP28 80KM optical module has price advantages to help you save cost and win more local market.

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