5G Fronthaul Transmission Active WDM Solution
6202 2020-06-20
In order to meet the efficient bearing of CPRI/eCPRI service between DU-AAU in C-RAN architecture. HTF designed the 5G fronthaul transmission active WDM system.

It is designed based on active WDM and has passive function WDM and OTN schemes with the advantages of large bandwidth, low delay/jitter, no configuration and easy maintenance. It supports network management and protection functions, and is compatible with all manufacturers‘ base station equipment. This solution can effectively relieve the pressure of optical fiber resources, and significantly reduce the construction and maintenance cost of "mobile fronthaul transmission".

5G Fronthaul Transmission Active WDM Solution

Active WDM solution Solution feature
(1)  DU and AAU adopt white-light optical modules. The wireless side devices need no modification. It has high bandwidth and low delay;
(2)  Flexible configuration to support multi-directional and multi-level cascade applications;
(3)  Efficient and perfect OAM management with clear maintenance interface;
(4)  Outdoor deployment capability to support wall mounting and pole mounting.

Application scenario
(1)  Suitable for large-scale C-RAN convergence;
Providing optical layer and electrical layer protection with automatic switching mechanism;
(2) It has flexible equipment configuration and adapts to the diversification of AAU equipment configuration and installation mode after centralized deployment of DU;
(3) Support fixed-line and mobile bearing with integrated service access capability.

HTF Team can support to provide cost-effective 5G fronthaul Passive, Half-Active, Active WDM solution.
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