What Is Half-active WDM Solution For 5G Fronthaul Transmission?
7155 2020-06-01
The 5G fronthaul transmission half-active WDM system launched by HTF is mainly used to solve the problem of lack of optical cable resources of DA-AAU optical fiber pull-out transmission in C-RAN architecture.
The scheme features active WDM at DU side and passive WDM at AAU side.

It realizes the management and protection function of the fronthaul transmission bearing network by used of active equipment at the local end. At the same time, it takes into account the simple and low-cost characteristics of remote passive, which is convenient for deployment and maintenance, and helps operators to build the 5G fronthaul transmission network with low cost, high bandwidth and fast deployment.

Half-active WDM Solution For 5G Fronthaul Transmission

What is the feature of Half-active WDM solution?
(1) Similar to passive WDM, network management monitoring and optical layer protection functions are added on the basis of maintaining end-to-end low passive WDM cost.
(2) DU side equipment is active with optical layer protection and automatic switching. Power failure of equipment only affects network management but does not affect service.
(3) Modular structure, 1:6/12/18 optional, flexible configuration of functional units.

(1) DU small-scale centralized deployment or limited fiber resources areas;
(2) No power for remote system with the ability of outdoor deployment. Passive mux/demux can be deployed together with AAU to handle single-station service, or can be deployed at optical intersection site to converge multi-station service;
(3) Meet the requirements of reliability and manageability for 5G forward network.
Half-active WDM Solution For 5G Fronthaul Transmission

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