40ch AAWG DWDM MUX DEMUX 1U Rackmount
● 40 Channels 100 GHz DWDM combined MUX & DEMUX
● Configuration is not require
● Completely passive, needs no power and no cooling
● Low insertion loss, insertion loss <=6dB, typ 4.5dB 
● Uniform insertion loss variation over the 40-channels - less than 1dB (typical 0.6dB) per MUX or DEMUX
● High channel isolation : adjacent isolation >=25dB; non-adjacent isolation >=35dB
● Compatible with 100GHz ITU Grid DWDM active transponders and transceivers from HTF and other third parties
● High reliability, MTBF for 100 years
● Designed for Telcordia / Bellcore GR-120
The HT6000-AWG40 is ideal for increasing the fiber capacity between two sites without the need for installing or leasing additional fibers. It can achieve 40CH multiplex and de-multiplex.
The complete passive solution requires no power cabling and no configuration, it is a true plug and plays solution.

DWDM transmission 
Metro and long-haul networks 
Point-to-point DWDM fiber optimization
Linear add/drop DWDM fiber optimization

Parameters Notes Specifications
Min Max
Channel 40CH
Channel Spacing 100GHz
Reference Pass-Band Relative to ITU Grid ± 0.1nm
ITU Frequency On ITU grid in C-band 196.0THz 192.1THz
ITU Wavelength On ITU grid in C-band   1530.33nm 1561.42nm
Center Frequency Accuracy Maximum of the absolute deviation of the 3 dB center wavelength from ITU grid over all channels -0.05nm +0.05nm
Insertion Loss Maximum of the insertion loss across the ITU pass-band over all channels   6.0dB
Insertion Loss Uniformity Maximum insertion loss variance across all channels   1.0dB
Ripple Maximum of the loss variance across the ITU pass-band over all channels   0.75dB
1dB Bandwidth 1dB from min Insertion Loss, full width, average polarization 0.36nm  
3dB Bandwidth 3 dB from min Insertion Loss, full width, average polarization 0.51nm  
Adjacent Channel Isolation Ratio of peak transmission to the maximum transmission over both adjacent pass-bands 25dB  
Non-Adjacent Channel Isolation Ratio of peak transmission in channel pass-bands to maximum transmission over all non-adjacent pass-bands 30dB  
Total Crosstalk Ratio of power in channel to power in all other pass-bands 21dB  
Polarization Dependent Loss Maximum ratio of transmissions over all polarization states, over the ITU pass-band   0.5dB
Return Loss   40dB  
Polarization Mode Delay (PMD) In Reference Passband over all channels   0.5ps
Chromatic Dispersion In Reference Passband over all channels -20ps/nm 20ps/nm

Ordering Information:
Model Function Wavelength (nm)
HT6000-AAWG401 DWDM Passive 40CH MUX or 40CH DEMUX  ILoss 3~6dB typical 4.5db,duplex LC/UPC   1529.55 - 1560.61 (Channel 21-60 ITU Grid)
HT6000-AAWG401-mon DWDM Passive 40CH MUX or 40CH DEMUX with monitor port, ILoss 3~6dB typical 4.5db, duplex LC/UPC 1529.55 - 1560.61 (Channel 21-60 ITU Grid)
HT6000-AAWG402 DWDM Passive 40CH MUX and 40CH DEMUX  ILoss 3~6dB typical 4.5db, duplex LC/UPC   1529.55 - 1560.61 (Channel 21-60 ITU Grid)
HT6000-AAWG402-mon DWDM Passive 40CH MUX and 40CH DEMUX with monitor port, ILoss 3~6dB typical 4.5db, duplex LC/UPC 1529.55 - 1560.61 (Channel 21-60 ITU Grid)

HTF DWDM Transmission Solution
DWDM peer-to-peer case
DWDM chain network case
DWDM+OLP optical line protection Case
DWDM Ring network case
DWDM single fiber bidirectional networking case
DWDM ultra long distance solution
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