400Gbps QSFP DD Passive High Speed Cable
• Comply with SFF-8636&QSFP-DD MSA
• Complies with Ethernet IEEE802.3bj/IEEE 802.3cd
• Support serial ID function through EEPROM
• Support hot swap, low crosstalk, low power consumption
• Support the maximum distance of 3 meters
• Operating temperature range: 0◦C to 70◦C
• RoHS compliant
• Eight-lane electrical interface transmits up to 28Gbps NRZ or 56Gbps PAM4
QSFP-DD (Double Density) has eight-channel electrical interfaces, with data transmission rates up to 28Gbps NRZ or 56Gbps PAM4, and total data rates up to 200Gbps or 400Gbps. QSFP-DD connectors and cable assemblies comply with IEEE 802.3bj, InfiniBand EDR and SAS 3.0 specifications, so they are suitable for various next-generation technologies and applications

•200g/400g Ethernet
•Switches, routers, servers, hubs, data center cabling

Compatible Brands 
Cisco Alcatel Lucent Netgear      
Mellanox Allied Telesis SMC
Huawei SolareFlare Foundry
Juniper Winyao Force 10(Dell)
Dell&EMC ZTE Linksys
Arista D-Link McAfee
Broadcom TP-Link Extreme
Qlogic(Cavium) Ruijie Marconi
Cheisio Maipu Blade
Intel Feixun Hirschmann

Other series AOC/DAC cables
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