40G or 100G OEO Converter
Media conversion 
Signal repeating 
Lambda conversion 

40G&100G Transponder supports three 40G or 100G service access. The wide range of optical infrastructure solutions includes media conversion, signal repeating, lambda conversion
40G&100G Transponder supports three 40G or 100G service signals are relayed & amplified, also can be converted into three WDM standard wavelength optical signals, so that the multiplex unit can perform wavelength division multiplexing demultiplexing on optical signals of different wavelengths. A metropolitan wavelength division short-range transmission scheme suitable for 40G or 100G rates.

Performance Parameters
System Parameter Technical Indicator
Center Wavelength 850nm, DWDM 1270~1610nm
Data Rate (Gbps) 100Gbps/40G
100G interface Client Side 100G QSFP28 /40G QSFP+
Line Side 100G QSFP28 /40G QSFP+
Service Model Support 100G/40G OEO relay, amplification and regeneration, wavelength conversion
Size 191 (W) x 253 (D) x 20 (H) mm
Environment Operating Temperature -10℃ ~ 60℃
Storage Temperature -40℃ ~ 80℃
Power Consumption ≤30W

HT6000 include the following cards
NMS management card 100G QSFP28 to CFP transponder 2xQSFP28 to CFP2 200G Muxponder
100G Muxponder: QSFP28  ↔ 4xSFP28 40G&100G OEO: 6*QSFP28 SFP28  25G Quad transponder
SFP+ Multi-Rate Quad transponder Redundant Multi-Rate Dual transponder EDFA Optical Amplifiers
Bidi EDFA Optical Amplifiers 16ch DWDM MUX/DEMUX  40ch DWDM MUX/DEMUX(AAWG)
OLP  Optical Line Protector  DWDM Passive Optical Add/Drop Multiplexers DCM card

HTF DWDM transmission solution

DWDM peer-to-peer case
DWDM chain network case
DWDM+OLP optical line protection Case
DWDM Ring network case
DWDM single fiber bidirectional networking case
DWDM ultra long distance solution
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