1.25G SFP CWDM ER 40km LC SMF Module
● Up to 1250Mb/s data links 
● CWDM DFB laser transmitter and PIN photo-detector
● Up to 40km on 9/125µm SMF
● Hot-pluggable SFP footprint
● Duplex LC/UPC type pluggable optical interface
● Low power dissipation
● Metal enclosure, for lower EMI
● RoHS compliant and lead-free
● Support Digital Diagnostic Monitoring interface
● Single +3.3V power supply
● Compliant with SFF-8472
● Case operating temperature
   Commercial: 0 ~ +70℃
   Extended: -10 ~ +80℃
   Industrial: -40 ~ +85℃
HTF’s 1.25G SFP CWDM 40km transceivers are compatible with the Small Form Factor Pluggable Multi-Sourcing Agreement (MSA), The transceiver consists of five sections: the LD driver, the limiting amplifier, the digital diagnostic monitor, the CWDM DFB laser and the PIN photo-detector .The module data link up to 40km in 9/125um single mode fiber. 

Switch to Switch Interface
Gigabit Ethernet
Switched Backplane Applications
Router/Server Interface
Other Optical Links

Compatible brands
HTF optional transceiver have been successfully tested with below brands:
HTF 1.25G-CWDM SFP 40km DOM LC SMF transceiver Module Compatible with the following brand and more
Cisco CWDM-SFP-xxxx HPE SFP40K-CWxxxx
Arista Networks SFP-1G-CW-xxxx Dell CWDM-SFP-xxxx
Juniper Networks SFP-GE40KCWxxxx-ET HW 0231A4-xxxx
Brocade E1MG-CWDM40-xxxx H3C SFP-GE-LH40-SMxxxxCW
Extreme Networks CWDM-SFP-xxxx NETGEAR CWDM-SFP-xxxx
Alcatel-Lucent SFP-GIG-27CWD40

Ordering Information
Part Number Package Data Rate Reach Wavelength(nm) TX output RX Sensitivity Power
HTSF-M1G85Mx SFP 1.25G 550m 850nm -9~-3dBm -17dBm 0.85W LC
HTSF-M1G31Mx SFP 1.25G 550m 1310nm -9~-3dBm -19dBm 0.85W LC
HTSF-M1G31Fx SFP 1.25G 2km 1310nm -9~-3dBm -19dBm 0.85W LC
HTSF-S1G31Lx SFP 1.25G 10km 1310nm -9~-3dBm -20dBm 0.85W LC
HTSF-S1G31Ex SFP 1.25G 40km 1310nm -5~0dBm -24dBm 0.95W LC
HTSF-S1G55Ex SFP 1.25G 40km 1550nm -5~0dBm -24dBm 0.95W LC
HTSF-S1G55Zx SFP 1.25G 80km 1550nm 0~5dBm -26dBm 0.95W LC
HTSF-S1G55Xx SFP 1.25G 100km 1550nm 0~5dBm -28dBm 0.95W LC
HTSF-S1G55Yx SFP 1.25G 160km 1550nm 1~6dBm -33dBm 0.95W LC
HTSF-C1GxxLx SFP 1.25G 20km CWDM -9~-3dBm -20dBm 1W LC
HTSF-C1GxxEx SFP 1.25G 40km CWDM -5~0dBm -24dBm 1W LC
HTSF-C1GxxZx SFP 1.25G 80km CWDM 0~5dBm -26dBm 1W LC
HTSF-C1GxxXx SFP 1.25G 120km CWDM 0~5dBm -31dBm 1W LC
HTSF-C1GxxYx SFP 1.25G 160km CWDM 1~6dBm -33dBm 1W LC
HTSF-1D1GCxxZx SFP 1.25G 80km DWDM 0~4dBm -26dBm 1W LC
HTSF-1D1GCxxXx SFP 1.25G 120km DWDM 0~5dBm -30dBm 1W LC
HTSF-5D1GCxxZx SFP 1.25G 80km DWDM 0~4dBm -26dBm 1W LC
HTSF-5DGCxxXx SFP 1.25G 120km DWDM 0~5dBm -30dBm 1W LC

If you have customized requirement for the TX output, RX Sensitivity etc, contact HTF sales online or leave message. HTF team will support you within 24 hours.
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